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Are you one of the teachers with “month end” money mentality?

Waiting at the end of thirty day to make money. The question is – do you spend money every day? If your answer is yes, then you need to find a way to make money flow to you every day.

Dear teacher,

Are you ready for this experience where money flow to you on automation?

As a teacher, I understand we are underpay and most teachers struggles financially. So, I set out on a discovery quest to lay my hands on the secrets and strategies to earn extra income as a teacher.


  • I invested multiple figure to develop earning skills.
  • I paid to enrolled in six figure courses
  • I enrolled in different coaching and mentoring programs.


I want you to know where I am coming from as a teacher. Without willingness to take responsibilities to build our earning capacity, our financial levels isn’t going to change.

Period 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♂️

If you’re thinking – you can’t afford to invest from what you earn now, you’ll lose many opportunities to experience  a financial freedom.

Let me ask you…

  • Do you want to continue to depend on meagre that can’t pay for your personal needs?
  • For how long do you want to go through financial frustrations?
  • Do you like it where you are now financially?


Dear teacher, you don’t have to on your monthly salary alone which isn’t even enough to take care all your needs, let alone other family members.

I can feel your pain as a teacher…

I know how painful it is to have exhausted your salary before you receiving it monthly.

Seriously, I can feel your struggles and that’s why I want to show you how to get started on the path of financial freedom that will make you smile at your phone each time you get a credit alert from your bank as a result of what you’ll learn from this eBook.

But first… Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To A World I Have To Say? 


Hey! I’m Tope

Cutting Edge Teacher, Best-selling Author, Teachers Connect Host, Education Consultant, Digital Entrepreneur and Educator passionately and committed to helping you earn in multiple figures monthly without burning out as a teacher.

The good news is you can start where you are, with what you have and generate more income on automation without quitting your job.

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You deserve to experience financial freedom in your life. You can choose to embrace this opportunity today or continue to wallow in lack and  wants like many teachers are doing.

                                                                         YOU DESERVE TO EARN MORE…

Allow me to show you in this brand new eBook how you can maximize your teaching skills to earn more like I’m doing presently.

Inside this book you will learn everything, all my strategies, hacks, secrets, nothing is left out.

Inside you will learn step by step how to go from a broke teacher who is always waiting on salary to a six-seven figure consistently.

Here are some of the things you will get from this book:

Your Download Access Will Be Delivered Immediately After You Purchase

Is that all Temitope?

I’m glad you asked😀

No that’s not all…

Once you place your order for my new cutting edge teacher eBook

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I mean when you consider the amount you get to pay and the bonuses get after you pay, it’s so cheap! That’s why I think you should TAKE ACTION to get this book now.

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  • You will get clarity on what you can do to earn more.
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  • You have access to Teachers Connect  Community where you can ask questions such that you don’t have to feel overwhelmed or unfilled as a teacher.
  • A tested and proven system that helps you to generate income with your teaching skills.

Check Out What Others Are Already Saying About The eBook!

It's a timely resources for educators who are ready to make a difference in their career. With the new normal in the world where online learning has come to stay, what perfect time than this to have a valuable resources. I recommend this book for all educators regardless of your levels.
Endy Ekefre
Oni speaks to us like a prophet. Her words are like a two-edged sword piercing with the sole aim to make whole. Firstly, quoting Carol Dweck, “a mindset is a self-perception or self-theory that people hold about themselves," Oni dives into the teachers' mindset, disassociating and reconstructing - you are left with the realisation of the mind set you belong to and a nudging responsibility to choose which to attain. This can be because one of the major responsibilities of this book is self awareness and enlightenment. Also, this book discusses the 21st century teacher in Nigeria and their finances. A topic that is long overdue. We are use to thrift contributions and cooperative schemes but what Oni gives to us in these pages are ideas and innovations, maybe not new, but definitely golden. Furthermore, this books exposes you to soft skills relevant for productivity in this generation and time as a teacher. A teacher that must remain relevant must be equipped, especially after the harrowing experience of 2020, with Covid 19 and the educational switch. Finally, with her strategic action 'steps.... in 90 days,' theories become practical. Everything coming together. You are rest assured that at the end of the consumption of this spectacular work, you would have attained the 'cutedgeship.'
Wisdom Nemi Otikor
Certified Teacher
1. Simple and easy to read and understand. 2. Takes a teacher out of the normal classroom talk and help teachers to see themselves just the way they are. 3. Refers to all teachers and lecturers. No personal or conflicting point in the book( teachers will see themselves as an family, children, extended family excuses in the book)
Joke Oyedairo
Certified Educator
The cutting edge teacher is a book for the season that's ever green. It drives home the importance of the need for teachers and educators to constantly improve and gathering up to date and relevant skills eg being a tech savvy teacher in an evolving world.
Egwuo Prisca Amarachi
Teacher / dance instructor

Let's talk about some objections you might have…

School workloads will not allow me to do any other thing…

Don’t forget I’m also a working teacher. So let me ask you: 

Do you have time to eat, chat or visit friends? Then you can have time to do everything in this masterpiece book

My salary is small and I can't afford to take anything out of it to get this now…

Listen, unless you make a quality decision and take action to invest in yourself to learn what will help you to earn more so that you can afford what you want any time you want it – your financial situation will remain the same or even get worse.

I don't know if this book will help me to start making extra income…

If you do everything suggested in the book correctly and you didn’t make any money after 90 days ask for refund I will gladly refund you and you will keep the book and all the super bonuses

This is the first time I'm coming across your brand so why should I believe anything you say?

There’s always a first time to everything and this is why I’m giving 100% money- back guarantee because I don’t want you to miss the opportunity in this book because of this.

Your Download Access Will Be Delivered Immediately After You Purchase

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