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What Other Teachers Says About Cutting Edge Teacher Book

Joke Oyedairo
Joke OyedairoCertified Educacator

1. Simple and easy to read and understand.
2. Takes a teacher out of the normal classroom talk and help teachers to see themselves just the way they are.
3. Refers to all teachers and lecturers.
No personal or conflicting point in the book( teachers will see themselves as an entity...no family, children, extended family excuses in the book)

Endy Ekefre
Endy EkefreLibrarian

It's a timely resources for educators who are ready to make a difference in their career. With the new normal in the world where online learning has come to stay, what perfect time than this to have a valuable resources.

I recommend this book for all educators regardless of your levels.

Wisdom Nemi Otikor
Wisdom Nemi OtikorCertified Teacher

Oni speaks to us like a prophet. Her words are like a two-edged sword piercing with the sole aim to make whole.

Firstly, quoting Carol Dweck, “a mindset is a self-perception or self-theory that people hold about themselves," Oni dives into the teachers' mindset, disassociating and reconstructing - you are left with the realisation of the mind set you belong to and a nudging responsibility to choose which to attain. This can be because one of the major responsibilities of this book is self awareness and enlightenment.

Also, this book discusses the 21st century teacher in Nigeria and their finances. A topic that is long overdue. We are use to thrift contributions and cooperative schemes but what Oni gives to us in these pages are ideas and innovations, maybe not new, but definitely golden.

Furthermore, this books exposes you to soft skills relevant for productivity in this generation and time as a teacher. A teacher that must remain relevant must be equipped, especially after the harrowing experience of 2020, with Covid 19 and the educational switch.

Finally, with her strategic action 'steps.... in 90 days,' theories become practical. Everything coming together. You are rest assured that at the end of the consumption of this spectacular work, you would have attained the 'cutedgeship.'

Egwuo Prisca Amarachi
Egwuo Prisca AmarachiTeacher / dance instructor

The cutting edge teacher is a book for the season that's ever green. It drives home the importance of the need for teachers and educators to constantly improve and gathering up to date and relevant skills eg being a tech savvy teacher in an evolving world.


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